What is Frecotex®

Quality control

Xinke Protective is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in the production of protective fabrics for workwear. Thanks to the rich experience of fabric production and dedicated professionals, Xinke Protective is pleased to present a wide range of protective fabrics manufactured using the latest technology and design, providing excellent quality… Learn More

Protective clothing with a traditional fire-resistant finish, usually contains formaldehyde, dangerous to human health. It is very difficult to determine the side that can protect from exposure to harmful substances! A high content of formaldehyde can cause irritation to the eyes, nose, throat – in simple cases, and severe skin diseases – in the worst case…Learn More

Advanced Inner Laboratory :
– fire test
– Constant performance tests
– determination of tensile tensile properties
– determination of free formaldehyde content
– tests of color fastness to washings…Learn More